Санкт-Петербургский университет технологий управления и экономики

под научно-методическим руководством ООН РАН

Information for Foreign citizens

Documents for admission from foreign citizens are accepted:
  • in electronic form through the electronic information system of the university "Admission to the university online" through the personal account of the applicant: http://esc.spbume.ru/login
  • Applicants will need the scanned colour or black and white copies of the enrollment documents with the resolution no less than 300 dpi.
    - An electronic PDF document (Portable Document Files) should provide a visual identity to its paper original at a scale of 1:1.
    - The quality of the submitted electronic images of the documents should make it possible to fully read the text of the document and recognize its details. If a paper document consists of two or more sheets, an electronic image of such a paper document is formed as a single file.

Dear applicant! If you have any questions when registering in the Applicant's Personal Account, please, call +7 921 336 49 84 (WhatsApp). Thank you!

Attention!  Presentation of unreadable scanned images of documents, as well as images containing the loss of significant parts of the document (text areas, signatures, imprints of seals, etc.) is not allowed.

  • personally by the applicant
    It is necessary to submit the documents and follow admission procedures which require entry to the Russian Federation. The entry can be organized with the help of a tourist visa or private visa invitation.
  • with the help of postal service operators

Room 220, Lermontovsky prospect 44А, Saint-Petersburg

Step 1. Submission of documents

The following documents for admission are required:

  1. Original or electronic form (the scanned copy) of the original document proving the identity notarized and translated to the Russian language in accordance with the established procedure
  2. Original or electronic form (the scanned copy) of the original document on education, the appendix to the document, notarized translation to the Russian language in accordance with the established procedure
  3. Original or electronic form (the scanned copy) of the certificate of equivalence of the document on education received abroad (in the case stipulated by the legislation of the Russian Federation);
    It is possible to check the necessity to receive a certificate of equivalence of the document on education on the web page of the Federal state budgetary scientific institution “Federal Centre on legislation in Education”
  4. 2 pictures 3х4 cm. or electronic form (digital) picture – for the applicants following  the admission requirements established by the university 

When the applicants provide foreign diploma of higher education, which requires the legalization or apostille:
the applicant cannot submit the documents on education of a foreign state  without legalization or apostille, except for the cases when the legislation of the Russian Federation and (or) international agreements do not require legalization or apostille. If the document submission breaks the Rules of admission process the University returns the documents to the applicant in accordance with the return method specified in the application for admission.
Expertise of the documents in the "Expert Center for Evaluation of Education Documents".

Foreign citizens who have a foreign state document on education must, prior to submitting documents to the admission office, pass an examination of the documents on education in the "Expert Center for Evaluation of Education Documents" (Saint-Petersburg, Marata street 27, room. 205 phone.: +7 (812) 602-23-30) and submit the original or the electronic form of an expert opinion to the admission office.

Attention! Citizens of the Russian Federation in case of having second citizenship is considered by the Russian Federation only as a citizen of the Russian Federation, except for cases provided for by an international treaty of the Russian Federation or federal law (Art. 6 of the Federal Law of 31.05.2002. No. 62-FZ "On the Citizenship of the Russian Federation»).

Step 2. Choose a program.
Step 3. Get acquainted with the dates set for the admission to the university and follow them,

including the dates of the begging and end of submitting the documents required for entering the university, dates of the entrance exams and submission of documents confirming the enrollment to places where tuition fee for education services is required.

Step 4.  Entrance Exams

Foreign citizens are enrolled in the university (its branches) on the basis of the results of admission tests conducted at UMTE (without passing the United State Examination). If foreign citizens have completed their studies and passed the Unified State Examination (USE) in the Russian Federation, it is necessary to indicate the results of the USE when applying for admission.

All the examination tests at UMTE are conducted in Russian language in the test form using information and communication technologies when entering bachelor programs and interview (using information and communication technologies) when entering master programs.

Step 5.  Signing the contract for education, payment for education.
Step 6.  Provide the following medical documents:
  1. Health certificate of the required form (medical professional comment) and/or medical statement on chronic diseases with information on the HIV-negative status of the applicant and fluorography. The Health certificate can be received at home. The requirement is it validity on the territory of the Russian Federation. The document should be translated and certified.
  2. Voluntary health insurance policy

The Voluntary health insurance policy should be valid for the whole period of stay on the territory of the Russian Federation. The insurance coverage should not be less than 500 000 Rubles, including:
- emergency primary health care for ambulatory patients (primary, repeated on urgent indications to specialist doctors: therapist, surgeon, gynecologist, urologist, traumatologist, neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist); instrumental diagnostics: X-ray, ultrasound, functional diagnostics; laboratory research methods: general clinical, biochemical; examination of temporary disability (issuance of a sick leave); minor surgical and traumatological interventions and manipulations performed according to urgent indications for ambulatory patients, including the cost of dressing materials and plaster fixation bandages; professional examinations of specialists (therapist, surgeon, neurologist, otolaryngologist, ophthalmologist, gynecologist), clinical blood test, general urine analysis, FLH; barrier medical examination (no more than 1 time): examinations of specialists (therapist (pediatrician, infectious disease specialist), surgeon, gynecologist / urologist), clinical blood test, general urine analysis, blood test for F.50, for MCR, fecal examination for I / hl, FLG of the lungs; medical examination for admission to physical education (examination by a general practitioner / pediatrician, exercise ECG))
- emergency care (stay in a multi-bed ward in a hospital; treatment and supervision by the attending physician in the department; consultations of specialists; laboratory diagnostics; instrumental diagnostics; pharmaceutical treatment; anesthetic aids; surgical interventions; intensive care ward)
- repatriation services (repatriation to the country of permanent residence in case of medical grounds; repatriation of remains).

The list of the recommended insurance companies providing voluntary health insurance:
  • Rosgosstrakh
  • VSK
  • KPK-Insurance
  • Ingosstrakh
  • Russian Insurance Society EUROINS

You can address to the admission office on organizational issues of purchasing voluntary health insurances:
tel. +7 (812) 575-11-32, 
email: pk@spbume.ru

Step 7. All the foreign citizens must be registered at the Federal Migration Service and check the entry documents (Passport, Migration card, visa) at the Migration office:

Room 209, Lermontovsky prospect 44, “Izmailovsky” building, Saint-Petersburg.
Phone: +7 (812) 449-08-57, +7 (931) 958-22-94.

Rules of registration at the Federal Migration Service and rules of arrival, stay, residence for foreign citizens.
Step 8.  Enrollment.

People are enrolled in places under an agreement with payment of the costs for training as groups are formed in case of the copies of the required documents are provided, all the conditions of the Russian Federation, the Charter and local regulations of the university are fulfilled, admission regulations of the university (its branches) are followed, the contract for secondary vocational education or higher education is concluded, the first semester of studies is paid in the terms established by the contract.

University studies are carried out in Russian language.